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This project was a Title Sequence created for the short feature film Paint the Eyes First Created by Michael Kristy. The entirety of the piece was created through live action footage and the more abstract elements were done through montaging footage on top of each other to create the illusion of creatures and life. 

Project Process

While brainstorming I pulled elements from the advertisement poster and motifs from the narrative in order to create an appropriate title sequence for the feature. Therefore within the piece the color of the type was chose based of the white and gold color of the house used, while references to the eyes were implemented multiple times as a direct connection to the title of the film and poster.

Sequence Images

Collaged Wolf Breakdown

Raw footage of the Wolf Fur Motion

Breaking down the Wolf, it was a combination of fur movement from my winter hat and colored water from a jar. Without a studio I had to get creative! Utilizing bedding sheet and my bathroom I created my own set and in order to get the wolf's fur movement I used a blowdryer to my winter hat to create the motion which I needed to make it feel more life like.

The images to the right are showing how in After Effects I used masks to cut portions of the footage and layer them on top of each other to create what looks like a wolf's face. The eye was through masking out footage of a jar of water that also contained different colored dyes and glitter. The fur was captured using my camera while the water was filmed using  my Go-Pro. 

What started as just experimenting with live footage turned into how I was to complete the sequence. The methods used though a little make shift and different allowed for the final product to obtain the unique quality in which it posses! 

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