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As an artist, the challenge is not just to observe life and recreate it, but to do so in a way which has never been experienced before. What I love about motion graphics, is that challenge is conquered through the use of a hybrid of multimedia. The product is not limited by a specific program or technology, but by whatever means necessary it takes in delivering a message to the audience at its fullest potential. Whether that is achieved through computer animation, stop motion, or live action, and then even the consideration of the platform, from viewing upon a small rectangular screen that fits in the palm of your hands, to even the scale of an architectural structure. So no matter the size or shape of the project, the idea is always driven by using the art and design of motion to create a new sensational human experience.

Aside from creating through motion I am also a musician and singer songwriter. I play flute, mandolin, trumpet, and guitar which is what I main and utilize to write songs on. My love for music reflects in my work in which I carefully consider the impact that audio has on visual content and am very considerate of timing! 

Contact me and let's create!

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