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Chesterton the Weasel is a Children's book series which I co-illustrated with Sasha Rudyakov and was written by Dean Coe local author of Sandwich Cape Cod MA. The series started with the first book being Chesterton Keeps his Town Jumping and was a contribution to the 375th year anniversary which was being celebrated throughout the town of Sandwich during the summer of 2014. From there Sasha and I continued to tag team the next three books in the series up until the fifth and final book which I illustrated alone. 

Photogrphy: Robyn Whaples

Chesterton saves the Bunnies

Chesterton Saves the Bunnies is about how Chesterton the Weasel helps relocate endangered New England Cottontail Bunnies and friends, as their home is being destroyed by new residential construction. The purpose of the book was to promote animal habitats and understanding the impact humans have on those habitats. 


Sample illustrations and sketches from the book

Images to the left are samples from the indesign file. Aside from being the illustrator I was the layout designer for the entirety of the book. Working with script, images and printing regulations was a new challenge but one I was eager to tackle! Most concepts for the design were at my liberty except Font choices were decided on by a separate graphic designer during the first book's layout. In order to keep consistency I used what was previously established.

Layout Design

Previous book samples

As co-illustrators Sasha would color and finalize the images while I would do the research and concept storyboarding for the books.

Several sketches above on the concept work I did for Chesterton's Winter Rescue. 

Above are samples of pages from the book once completed by Sasha.

Side by side concept to finish.

Community Representation

Sasha Rudykov (Right) and myself (left) painting the Chesterton Mural

Completed mural

Dean Coe (left) myself (right) during first lighting of Chesterton Lighted Giant 2014

Chesterton has over time become a town icon and has been turned into a Lighted Giant, has a Sandwich created in his honor at Beth's Bakery, and is a mural at the K-3 Elementary school. The series can be purchased at many local establishments and has been featured multiple times within different article and papers. The best part about creating the series really has to be the community outreach and how one little weasel has made a major imapct on the town and the children who read his tales!

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