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Electric Forest was a collaborative promotional package for the multi-genre music festival Electric Forest. To capture the essence of the event we decided to highlight the effects of what day and night have on the whimsical and magical factors which go into the event. We also played with the effects in which a change in time have do to the fact the festival happens throughout both the day and night and take on different characteristics itself. During the day portion the features are visible along with subtlety references to the electrical feel. While at night the pace is quickened as the world becomes consumed in lights and wild effects! 

Aishwarya Sadasivan - Designer
Robyn Whaples - Animator

Animation Highlights

Design and Motion: Robyn Whaples

Design: Aishwarya Sadasivan
Motion: Robyn Whaples

Assets were primarily created in Photoshop and the animation took place within After Effects. Aish did design for all the day scenes and while I did some asset building for the night scenes like the flower depicted above, any textureing and tightiong up like within the mushroom patches was done by Aish to keep the day and night sequences unified. Both the flower an Dragonfly were animated through usage of layers and combination of effects. 

Z space was a huge factor within the environmental sequences to help add depth to the 2D landscapes. My job was to also take Aish's assets and set them up within after effects and take a camera through the elements to bring the viewer through a journey within the whimsical space. 

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