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Photogrphy: Jon Springs, Optic Blue Photography, Melissa Hope Sarah Brown

Layout: Robyn Whaples


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Humans vs Zombies (HVZ) is a 5 Day game event. The game is played nationally and essentially is a giant LARP involving the base mechanics of Tag with additionally attributes being Nerf Blasters and occasionally Socks. For SCAD's 2017 Game and eighth year, I was Media Coordinator which put me in charge of the media attributions towards the club in the form of multi media advertisements, posters, story, budgeting, and mini game events leading up to the overall debut. 

Highlights from SCAD HVZ 2017

Videoography: Robyn Whaples, Sam Bishop, Ty Roberson, Nicholas Gogal

Editor: Robyn Whaples

Song: KONGOS Come with me Now


My overarching goal with the position of Media Coordinator was to take the identity of the Club to another level through what I was learning within my Motion Media classes. Most feedback I received from players was that there was a lack of advertisement within the previous years, and love for video highlights on gameplay. Therefore I took it upon myself to incorporate those in my campaign with editorial montage of events and past games to more promotion through more game opportunities within the year and social media presence utilizing motion graphics.. 

Branding the Game

Logo Animation used for promotional videos 

Every year there is a theme which corresponds with the Game in which the props, story, and game functions off of.
(For example: 2014 Space, 2015 Voodoo, and 2016 Underworld)
Before releasing the theme for the 2017 SCAD HVZ Game the club needed a separate Logo which was identifiable with the club but did not give away details of the upcoming theme as it is kept a surprise until a month or so before the game debut. Therefore  our Logo designer was instructed to relate the logo to the Zombie aspect of the game being the origin element and easily recognizable to the clubs name. 

Design: Mitchell Hunter 

Motion: Robyn Whaples

Design: Robyn Whaples

Characters: Emma Barker

Typography Layout: Robyn Whaples

The logo was then used within the various of posters and Social Media motion content that was created to advertise day events and promotional videos.

Motion: Robyn Whaples

Promotional Video for SCAD HVZ 2017

Videoography: Robyn Whaples, various HVZ club members | Editor and Motion Designer: Robyn Whaples | Song: Imagine Dragons I'm so Sorry

Utilizing footage captured throughout the past years of SCAD HVZ, kinetic type, and animated motion graphics this promotional video was created to inspire newer players and hype up previous experienced players for the upcoming game debut.

Player Highlight

Videoography, Editor and Motion Designer: Robyn Whaples | Song: Here Come the Mummies The Devil you Know

Video is a player highlight. Some players take on another role during the game and while I was recording footage from the day event I caught a moment with him. I took the opportunity to do a little motion Graphic Player highlight.

Themed Logo Design

Design: Mitchell Hunter and Dylan Kluaber

The Themed Logo is traditionally the logo used to represent the year's game aesthetic, story, and game mechanics. The 2017 design is based off of the 2017 theme of Pirates/Nautical. Therefore, the design consists of elements which associate with easily recognizable pirate/nautical elements. This is so new players can understand the direction of the game with a single glance upon the logo. 

Theme Release Trailer

Motion/Editing/Videography: Robyn Whaples

The trailer video was created in order to not only release the new year's theme in an entertaining way, but gain player interest and allow for old and returning players to have a teaser into the progression of the upcoming game. 

The new Theme Logo was then incorporated within online short advertisements and posters. The videos above were used on Facebook to promote a mini game event by giving highlights from a previous event with the same mechanics. The idea was to promote the event in a visual way so that new players had a better sense of what the event was rather then reading a description off of a poster.

Design: Dylan Kluaber

Design: Cameron Sheplar 

Layout: Robyn Whaples

These posters were designed to promote the main game. The design on the left was made to be hung up throughout the academic buildings and residence Halls. The design on the right was created to be posted on smaller bulletin boards which traditional poster formats could not fit and also within small table top displays which resided on the tables within . the multiple eating areas on campus.

Design: Cameron Sheplar 

Layout: Robyn Whaples

The logo's major role is for the game bandanas. All players participating in the Humans vs Zombies game are required to wear the Game bandanas provided to them opening night. The bandanas do not only serve as a crucial game mechanic, but as a major form of advertisement for the game. Essentially one of the best ways the game is advertised is while it is being played. 

Through the process of the construction of the 2017 game, the screen printing organization in which we were interacting with recommended changing the logo color from black to white in order to be more visible upon the color choice. The purple color was the darkest color ever used in the SCAD HVZ history and the bandanas need to be seen during the day and at night. The white really made the logo pop more and was well received by the club community. Progressing the dramatic change over a period of videos was done to help returning players transition to the dramatic change, as the logo had been consistent black logo upon color bandana for the past 8 years.  

Rules Trailer

A rules trailer was also created to display the most important rules in an entertainvie way to the players on opening night. By making a video they could also always go back and watch to further understand any rules they forgot after opening night. (Written rules were also provided on the website)

SCAD HVZ Archives

Additional edited video was one I cut for HVZ 2016 which was my first editorial piece for the club. This I named SCAD HVZ Archives due to the use of footage collected over the years of SCAD HVZ's existence so from 2009 - 2016. Not only did I cut the footage together but took the time to locate the footage through multiple alumni and online sources.

SCAD HVZ 2018 Highlights

While no longer Coordinator I was asked to take the footage collected over the 2018 game and edit a highlight video. In which I added some kinetic type to the intro over a speech made by one of the acting players.

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