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Reel 2021

Projects in Reel 

00:00 College Basketball Today (Promotional Graphic Tease)

00:03 Super Bowl LV Today Update (Graphic Button)

00:06 Three Women  (Promotional Interview)

00:09 PGA Tour Goes Hollywood (Graphic Button)

00:12 Currently Obsessed (Title Sequence)

00:14 RUU Music Promotional Graphics  (Social Media Graphics)

00:17 Town of Sandwich Comprehensive Water Resources EP 01  (Info Graphic)

00:19 Why Robert Muller has Bribery Experts on the Team investigating Trump  (News Story Package)

00:22 Moonshot (Promotional Video)

00:24 College Football Today LED Intro (LED Graphics)

00:28 NCAA March Madness Movie Template (Graphic Template)
 College Football Today Specialty Player Graphic (Player Transition Cards)

00:32 Walking Dead (Music Video)
00:34 Town of Sandwich Comprehensive Water Resources EP 04 (Info Graphic)
00:37 Forward Progress (Rebrand Title Card)
00:38 Portraits in Black  (Title Card)
00:39 Paint The Eyes First  
(Title Sequence)
00:41 VICE NEWS Tonight Transition Cards  (Transition Cards)
00:43 Ephemeral Beasts (Experimental)
 Rock'em Sock'em Monsters! (Social Graphic Non-Commercial)
00:46 Town of Sandwich Comprehensive Water Resources EP 01 (Character Animation)
00:47 Interistial Text Test Super Bowl LV (Test Transition Graphic)
00:49 College Football Today 20 Second Drill: Kirby Smart  (Interview Graphic)
00:50 NCAA March Madness Welcome to Indianapolis (Button Transition)

00:51 Two Hands (Projection)
 Personal Logo (Logo Animation)

Reel 2018

Projects in Reel 

00:00 Electric Forest (Promotional Animation)

00:04 Solo, Duet, Trio (Frame by Frame Study)

00:06 Zombie Apocalypse (Promotional Video)

00:08 Humans vs Zombies (Promotional Video)

00:10 NERF Rebelle (Logo non-commercial)

00:13 Beaux Arts Projection (Projection)

00:15 Paint The Eyes First (Title Sequence)

00:17 Walking Dead (Music Video)

00:19 Warriors (Title Sequence non-commercial)

00:21 A Wild Night in France (Projection)

00:24 Ephemeral Beasts (Experimental)

00:27 Warriors (Title Sequence non-commercial)

00:29 Walking Dead (Music Video)

00:32 Solo, Duet, Trio (Frame by Frame Study)

00:34 Two Hands (Projection Study)

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